Things to Do Freeport, Maine – Play!

What can you do in Freeport, Maine? Believe it or not, the world-class shopping, dining and accommodations are just part of Freeport’s attractions. Freeport, Maine hums year-round with festivals, art and entertainment, tours and outdoor activities. And don’t forget the sightseeing – where else but Freeport, Maine can you take in the view from the rocky Maine coast, a desert dune or a mountain peak?

Many of Freeport, Maine’s attractions are within walking distance of each other, something Freeport cruise visitors love. Our Freeport walking tour map is a great place to start your Freeport adventure! Freeport’s many art and food festivals, art walks and live entertainment draw big crowds in every season. And Freeport landmark L.L.Bean doesn’t just outfit you for your Maine outdoor adventure – they offer outdoor activities, classes, and events.

Somewhere on this list of Freeport attractions is something that will attract you to Freeport and make Freeport your Maine vacation destination.